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Lawmakers convene for May session

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - The 31st Guam Legislature is in session one of their first actions was  to move all but one of the Governor's appointees to the voting file. On session floor this morning the nomination of Dr. Kia Rhamani could not be moved to the voting file because Committee Chair on  Health, Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. was waiting for more documents to be submitted. Dr. Rahamani was nominated by Governor Eddie Baza Calvo to serve on the Guam Board of Medical Examiners.

During his confirmation hearing only one person showed up to testify against his confirmation. Former GBME board chair and Guam Medical Society president Dr. Jerone Landstrom raised allegations that Dr. Rahmani never should have obtained a license to practice medicine on Guam and that the physician doesn't meet the ethical or truthful standards to be a board member.

In the meantime here's a list of the other appointments that were moved into the voting file with a recommendation "to confirm":

Lee Webber: GMHA Board of Trustees
Dr. Edna Santos: GMHA Board of  Trustees
Frances Taitague-Mantanona: GMHA Board of Trustees
Dr. Ricardo Terlaje: GMHA Board of Trustees
Michael Limtiaco:    GMHA Board of Trustees
Albert Gurusamy: GMHA Board of Trustees

Dr. Reynald Lim: GBME Member

James Gillan: Director, DPHSS
Wilfred Aflague: Director, DMHSA
Martin Benavente: President, Guam Housing Corporation
Tomas Flores: Guam Housing Corporation
Dr. Gayle Hendricks: Guam Commission for Educator Certification Member
John T. Calvo: Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority Member
Beatrice Limtiaco:   Guam Land Use Commission Board
Jenevieve Ooka:    Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency Member
Christine Rosario:  Council on Mental Health and Substance Abuse  Member
John Rupley: Parks and Recreation Commission Member
Joo Ko: Parks and Recreation Commission Member
Amanda Santos: CLTC Member
David Silva: Guam Banking and Insurance Board Member
Ramon Topasna: Parks and Recreation Commission

Lawmakers also approved taking Bill 49 off the legislative agenda and moved it back to Committee at the request of the measure's author. Bill 49 would amend public law related to expanding the Guam Contractor's License Board's Authority to revoke, suspend, and renew a contractor's license subject to the contractor's financial standing with government agencies that provide health care services to a contractor's non-immigrant temporary work.

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