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GBB finalizes Layon operations contract

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Federal receiver Gershman, Brickner & Bratton is finalizing a contract with Herzog Environmental for the operation of the Layon landfill, which is set to open on September 1. The company is expected to be paid at least $2.8 million a year for operating the new landfill.  The contract will be for seven years with two options for extensions.

GBB associate principle David Manning says the company is well qualified to operate a modern landfill as the Solid Waste Management Division doesn't have the expertise. He told KUAM News, "It requires the professional expertise of someone trained to ensure that they do follow all the environmental laws and that they do manage the space properly because in the landfill all you've got is space.  Herzog is proficient in that. They were the lowest cost proposal we received and they are prepared to commit contractually to achieving management of that landfill if carried out throughout its life would extend its life expectancy from 45-50 years."

The court meanwhile took a site visit to Layon today and also stopped by the various roads and bridges that are under repair. Public Works officials report that the majority of the projects are on schedule with a few minor delays that they say will not impact trash haulers on their way to the new landfill when it opens in September.

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