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Former Dededo resident killed in mainland

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Family and friends are mourning the loss of former Guam resident 24-year-old Jolynn Leon Guerrero Norris, shot and killed in the U.S. mainland. "She was always known to be there if she was there, she would make herself known whether you hear her, she was very outspoken," said her brother John. "She's very funny, she's very outgoing, she'd rather do outside work then inside, and she's a real good mother."

Jolynn was murdered in a mobile home park last week in Fredricksburg. Her estranged husband Scott Norris is accused of pulling the trigger and then turning the gun on himself  Jolynn's aunt, Candelaria Mendiola, told KUAM News, "We couldn't believe what had happened, we started breaking down that's our own blood, our family and you're miles away, so we're all just trying to be strong especially my sister back there."

Jolynn and Scott had been separated for some time, her Facebook posts detailed their troubled relationship and how she was ready to move on with her life. According to law enforcement authorities in Virginia, Jolynn went to Scott's home to retrieve some belongings and a heated argument ensued. The couple's three children, ages, 4, 2 and 11 months old were inside the trailer during the incident, with the oldest reacting immediately.

Said Mendiola, "The minute she saw her dad reach for the gun, she grabbed her sister and ran out the door." The children have been turned over to the custody of their grandparents.

As for Jolynn, family on Guam are hoping to bring her back home. "We are asking anybody that can come forward, we are willing to take anybody that can support us and help bring her back home because this is where she actually wanted to be," Mendiola said.

The family is holding nightly rosaries at 8pm in Dededo at 154 West Liguan Avenue.

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