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Mayors oppose bill outlawing truck riding

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Nearly all of the island's village mayors and vice-mayors today made it clear that they are against legislation that would prohibit everyone from riding in the back of a pickup truck. Bill 60 was introduced by Senator Mana Silva Taijeron, and mayors today said they will be drafting a joint letter to the Legislature stating their concerns with the measure. Sinajana mayor Roke Blas says there should just be greater enforcement for the existing seatbelt law.

"We've seen people being transported around in the back of trucks and as long as they are sitting on the floor of the back of the bed I think its considerable, but the thing is we see kids standing in back holding on to the rail, I think that's a no-no. They should sit down on the floor and those are what should be enforced with the police department," he said.

Out of all the mayors and vice-mayors, 17 voted against the bill, 1 abstained and 8 were absent.

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