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Workshop aims to identify "triggers"

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - The last time the Civilian Military Coordination Council met was six months ago. Discussions on the military buildup continue and the Department of Defense is hosting an Adaptive Program Management Workshop to get stakeholders from government and federal agencies on the same page on how to deal with environmental impacts from the buildup.

NAVFAC Commanding Officer Captain Peter Lynch said, "We want to be very focused on not getting into the red zone so that we don't have any breakage or something that's going to cause a work slowdown that's going to be very expensive to taxpayers so our objective is to ensure we don't get into those red zones. So this workshop is going to help all of us identify the metrics and what are the types of things we need to be counting."

Captain Lynch says subgroups have been identified to identify data and triggers for housing, construction, port, airport and roads, as well as utilities. Another CMCC meeting is expected to be coordinated within the next 30 days between the Council's co-chairs - Joint Region Marianas Commanding Officer Paul Bushong and Governor Eddie Calvo.

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