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Tri-intersection dissected by DPW

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The Department of Public Works on Wednesday night held the first in a series of informational meetings on their various road projects. Navigating through the Barrigada Tri-Intersection Project was up first for discussion during last night's informational meeting hosted by DPW.

The $4.6 million road construction project has run into some road blocks but will be completed this September. Parsons Transportation Group's Gene Nemus said, "One of the reasons that it takes so long to work in these areas and get that concrete pavement down, many numerous utilities are in this area and the contractor runs into numerous conflicts that they've had to resolve and deal with, some of those unknown, and really unknowable at the time the project started."

Come next month the construction will shift to the opposite side of the road, which will have an impact on businesses and residents. To help alleviate some of their concerns, Nemus said the shift will be done in sections and not all at once. As for the suggestion to open a bypass lane through Tiyan, such a move would cost an additional $2 million. Aside from the tri-intersection project Public works provided a preview of the proposed construction and rehabilitation project for Hagatna Bridges which will be conducted in phases.

PB Americas Project Manager Paul Wolf said the first phase is to rehabilitate the pavement along Route 7a East O'brien Drive in the coming months followed by the improvement of the intersection of Route 1 and Route 8 so motorists can make a left turn. A major portion however is the proposed seven lanes for the Hagatna Bridge along Marine Corps Drive.

Wolf says two lanes in both directions will remain open and drivers will be able to make a left turn at the traffic light at Route 4 and Route 1 once the project is completed. He says this specific bridge repair is funded by the Department of Defense, and is part of the  mitigation effort as a result of the military buildup. "There are a lot of improvement planned out and these two projects are some of those improvements," he said.

The Route 1 Bridge Project is anticipated to begin in early 2012 and take about one year to complete. Immediately following the final project in Hagatna is repairing the bridge along Chalan Santo Papa Street. Officials say the estimate for the two bridge projects runs up to about $20 million.

Senator Chris Duenas questioned if they could speed up the process, saying, "Is it a funding issue for 24 hours work at this point in time, or is it an engineering issue?" said Wolf, "We haven't looked at cost studies but what we really believe is to do effective quality work we don't want to push it too fast."

Another DPW informational briefing will be held next week Wednesday to discuss the status of southern road construction projects.

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