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Fly Guam Airlines unveiled to the public

Image courtesy of the Guam Visitors Bureau Image courtesy of the Guam Visitors Bureau

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The island's new local brand-name aircraft was unveiled for the first time to the public Wednesday evening. Fly Guam Airlines CEO Jeffrey Stern says this year-and-a half-long road resulted in an amazing product that represents Guam in the best possible way. It's a product he says is based on one thing alone.

He says, "This is all about service, it's when somebody gets on board and you're flying economy class you can have wine, you can have beer for free you're not paying for it. It means that you will have an amazing service from our flight attendants, a great Chamorro meal, ice cream for dessert, so we will go all the way to give something different."

Stern says there is 12 seats in business class and 132 seats in economy each one lined with leather. He says his experience with the people on island sparked the motivation for him to showcase Guam through an airline. "So really we have gone all the way to make sure that the experience is unique, its different, and that anybody that will be on board our planes will be like, 'Wow, this is Guam'. This is what Guam is all about."

He adds, "Anybody knows that when you put an airline together and that airline is flying to different destinations, people will see that they'll see it in the fuselage of the plane they'll see it in the service on board and I said you know what this is something to show the world, this island has a lot to show the world."

The first Fly Guam flight takes off Friday for Hong Kong. The airline will be flying twice a week, and will be extending their services to cities in China, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, as well as Palau. Tickets can be purchased at their office in Tiyan.

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