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Rams/Warriors matchup is battle for 1st

by Dave Delgado

Guam - The Cars Plus Rams are undefeated so far this season with a 4-0 record looking to make it back to this year's MFL championship game. The Rams will meet the #2 seed Pepsi Warriors on Sunday at 2:30 pm in the afternoon at the UOG Field. With a win the Rams will secure first place in the playoffs and improve to 5-0.

Leading MVP candidate Brant McCreadie told KUAM Sports, "We're just thinking about going out there and playing hard and we don't really care about who we're playing, we're just going to play like it's a championship game." The Rams quarterback noted, "If we are fortunate enough to get to the championship game then we'll play that game like it's a normal game. That's our motto this year, we're older that's why and there's no too much we can do. We are a little smarter and our running game is a lot better than it was in years. We have Hosea and Pompy and we have Anthony, we call him 'Tongan' and a few other guys, Eddie Boy Calvo. We'll be good and our defense I think is the best in the league so hopefully we get a smart game by the offense and we manage the clock with no turnovers and our defense comes up big for us, we should be OK."

The Rams defense is one of the fastest in the league with Chris Santos leading the league in interceptions. Linebacker Chris Sgro is second in the league in tackles with Baby Joe Taimanglo leading the defensive ends with a league high 6 sacks. Sgro said, "With Pepsi, it's kind of a game where you don't really know what to expect; they have a quarterback we haven't seen yet. Tommy Morrison has been doing pretty well back there. We are hoping that we can stay and eliminate their run game like we did last time but with the passing set they have going on it's going to be a different story so keep our 4-3 going and just roll from there."

Cars Plus defensive end Leonard Kaae added, "Well, we are going to try and put pressure on the new quarterback and I believe if we get enough pressure on him it will help our defense backs and we'll see if the running game works for the Warriors but pressure, we'll see if my man can get the ball off."

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