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Jurors in Blue House case still deliberating

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Today marked another day of deliberation for jurors who have been left to decide the fate of former Blue House Lounge owner Song Ja Cha. She denies knowing that prostitution was occurring in her club and even took the stand during her trial. The federal government, however, painted a different picture to the jury, alleging Cha recruited young Chuukese women to work at the Blue House and perform sexual acts for $40.

Federal prosecutors said Cha created a climate of fear - holding the women hostage and forcing them to have sex to repay her for the passports and airline tickets she purchased for them. District Court Judge Dean Pregerson has admonished jurors not to speak of the case or listen to or watch any news accounts of the matter.

Jury deliberations continue again on Thursday.

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