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Senators discuss Calvo's radio address

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo in his Weekly Radio Address to the people of Guam today said there are serious problems before us and there is no time for politics. In his five-minute speech he acknowledged the Democrats and Republicans in the 31st Guam Legislature and the support he's received to work together to fix the government's cash crisis.

Lawmakers spoke of this partnership, as three freshman policymakers weighed-in with their thoughts. Senator Mana Silva Taijeron said, "All politics aside. Let's get to work, regardless if we're Republican or Democrat. We need to get together and find the issues and find the solutions to the problems we have everyday. There's a serious financial crisis going first and foremost. We need to find revenues and bring that into the island."

Senator Aline Yamashita noted, "Systems of care will help more and more of our people, so I do think he's very accurate. I think it's a sincere statement that he wants us to come together. There's no time to waste. We do have issues that are very critical-working together, coming together, having healthy discourse. I think the healthy discourse will help decisions be made and I think decisions will be made to do it."

And Senator Sam Mabini added, "He points out a lot about cutting expenditures. I really want to encourage agencies to be enterprising, so it's not just decreasing expenditures but also look at ways we can improve existing laws to increase revenue that is practical and that society can handle."

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