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31st Guam Legislature gets right to work

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Immediately following their inauguration, members of the 31st Guam Legislature immediately go to work nominating 30th Guam Legislature Speaker Judith Won Pat to lead the body for another two years.  Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz and Legislative Secretary Tina Rose Muna Barnes will also keep their respective positions for another term.  

Lawmakers also voted on the various committees and who will be responsible for chairing them, electing the following:

  • Committee on Education & Public Libraries: Speaker Judith Won Pat
  • Committee on Youth, Cultural Affairs, Recruitment, Governmental, General Governmental Operations, & General Broadcasting: Vice Speaker BJ Cruz
  • Committee on Military Buildup & Homeland Security: Sen. Judith Guthertz
  • Committee on Veterans Affairs, Utilities, Transportation, Public Works: Senator Tom Ada
  • Committee on Municipal Affairs, Tourism and Housing, Recreation: Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes
  • Committee on Health and Human Services, Senior Citizens, Economic Development & Election Reform: Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr.
  • Committee on Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Judiciary: Senator Adolpho Palacios
  • Committee on Corporation, Taxation, Public Debt, Banking & Insurance, Retirement & Land: Senator Ben Pangelinan
  • Committee on Rules, Federal, Foreign and Micronesian Affairs, Human and Natural Resources: Senator Rory Respicio

Senator Rory Respicio has also been named the Majority Leader, while Senator Judi Guthertz was named the Assistant Majority Leader.  Senator Tina Muna Barnes and Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. were named Majority Whip and Assistant Majority Whip, respectively.

Senator Frank Blas Jr. has been named the Minority Leader while Senator Dr. Aline Yamashita was named the Assistant Minority Leader.  Senator Tony Ada and Senator Mana Silva Taijeron were named Minority Whip and Assistant Minority Whip, respectively.

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