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Calvo & Tenorio take office

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - History was made today as the island witnessed for the first time a governor-elect being sworn-in with his father, a former governor, by his side. Paul Calvo served as the island's third elected governor of Guam, while Eddie Calvo is now serving as the island's chief executive.  In his first inaugural address, Calvo talked about belief that Guam can reach its greatest heights, that its people can fulfill their greatest dreams.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio's address focused on service and pride. One of the new roles he'll be taking on aside from overseeing the Guam State Clearing House, beautification and the keeper of the Great Seal of Guam. He has been designated by Governor Calvo as the overseer of public safety, meaning that he will be tasked with keeping an eye on agencies like the Guam Police Department and Guam Fire Department, as well as the Department of Corrections.

In the meantime, today was just the start of a weeklong of activities to commemorate Calvo and Tenorio's inauguration.

Now that it's official, several other activities are lined up for the weeklong celebration. Tomorrow there will be a flag-raising ceremony at 8am at Adelup, that will be followed immediately by an ecumenical service at the Latte of Freedom Cultural Center; then on Friday is the Governor's Inaugural Ball at the Hyatt Regency, a black-tie fundraiser for Kamalen Karidat.

"I am not content with the belief that we are struggling for our corner of the world," the island's new chief executive said. "In my view, we are working to conquer our challenges and to set the world's eyes upon us. The public school system isn't where we want it to be, but it is not beyond our reach to graduate your children in to rewarding careers. The traffic on the roads today and the lack of water and sewer services for many families are problems we can one day put in our past.

"The government has a large debt and a hard time paying its bills, but the fiscal crisis isn't so insurmountable that we should give up and let others take over.  There are problems everywhere, but only two roads to take. We can dwell on the challenges and surrender centuries of resolve against the odds. Or, we can be bold and proud. We can exemplify the highest virtues of Guamanians and lead change for ourselves."

"Most importantly," Calvo added, "we must do this together."

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