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Importance of gay marriage discussed

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - While the highly-controversial Bill 185, a measure that sought to recognize same-sex civil partnerships on Guam, never made it to session floor, the bill's author, Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz has launched an educational campaign. Cruz brought Freedom to Marry executive director Attorney Evan Wolfson to the island to discuss the efforts being made nationwide to end discrimination and help people understand why gay marriage matters.

"For a long period of time public opinion was on the wrong side. For most of American history from 1776 until 1948, not a single court in the country had the courage to strike down race restrictions on who could marry whom based on ideas of who was the right kind or wrong kind of person, or what marriage should be in somebody else's eyes," said Wolfson.

The attorney added the church should not dictate to the government who should be allowed to get a civil marriage license.  He encouraged the gay community on Guam to engage in the debate, not over religion but about ending the discrimination. Vice-speaker Cruz meanwhile says he hopes the educational campaign will help raise awareness and create more open-mindedness.

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