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Complaint filed with CSC to investigate police

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - Demoted Guam Police lieutenant James Santos has filed a Public Employee Protection Complaint with the Civil Service Commission against the Guam Police Department. Former chief of police Captain Paul Suba made a complaint with GPD's Internal Affairs Division after Santos sent a letter to Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo asking for a federal investigation into alleged corruption at the police department.

Santos was advised that he faces possible adverse action for submitting the letter.

His attorney, Curtis Van De Veld, says his client was well within his rights to seek help from the delegate and no employee should be denied from speaking to their elected official. "This goes back to Captain Suba being embarrassed about the raid that took place of the KUAM Studios while he was chief of police," he said, "and his being upset about the reporting that he hired people in violation of the employee laws and other matters that I guess led to him feeling some disgrace."

Van De Veld has asked the CSC to investigate GPD's actions.

Santos was demoted from his lieutenant position for allegedly having outside employment while on government time. GPD could not comment on the matter.

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