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New landfill's construction on track

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by Nick Delgado

Guam - The construction of the new landfill in Layon is on track - so says federal receiver's Gershman, Brickner & Bratton during today's status hearing in the District Court. The issue is ensuring that they can completely close the Ordot Dump.

GBB doesn't know how long it will take to fully close and clean up the Ordot Dump, but they did report that trash will no longer be taken by next July.  Associate Principle David Manning told KUAM News, "We can't know what the construction level will be; we can know there will be no waste delivered to the Ordot Dump come mid-2011 period. We will shut it down from that standpoint."

During a quarterly status hearing in the District Court this morning, Manning and various receiver representatives provided an update on their efforts to close the dump and open the new landfill at Layon. The receiver told the court bonds that were obtained to pay for the project will not be coming from taxpayers, as he says customers are now only funding the Solid Waste Division Operations. GBB also reports that it made major changes, which resulted in a total savings of $3.1 million these past couple of years.

"We have reduced staffing in the Solid Waste Division by about 36 percent as a result of improvements in equipment as well as the overall productivity of the staff, we have reduced customer complaints to almost zero," Manning said.

While GBB is working on other programs like the curbside recycling and metallic and bulky item collections, manning says they will also investigate the environmental damage at the Ordot Dump, as the trash today is piled 340 feet high.

 The judge today also ordered that the removal of the tires at the DPW compound cease until GBB can find a more cost efficient process. Manning also says that the trash tipping fees will only increase if the military decides that they do not want to be customers.

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