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Willis, Malkovich and Freeman will have crowds seeing "RED"

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by Ken San Nicolas

Director: Robert Schwentke

Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich

With a star-studded cast full of Hollywood royalty, "RED" is a refreshing comedy that reaffirms the notion that experience beats out youth. "RED" follows the life of "retired and extremely dangerous"CIA operative Frank Moses (Bruce Willis). Moses is having a hard time adjusting to the simple life and his only spark from his boredom are his conversations with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), a government employee who happens to handle the retirement checks that are sent out to Frank.

Ultimately, Frank's boredom is short-lived as a group of assassins attempt to kill him. With the help of his former colleagues, Frank must find out who is behind the hit and put an end to it. Can Frank and his band of senior citizen black-ops overcome the adversity, or will their age prove too much of a factor?

Director Robert Schwentke is lucky stumble across this comic-turned-film jewel. There is no way anyone can ruin a film recipe when the ingredients include Willis, Malkovich, Freeman and Parker. Not to mention, with Richard Dreyfuss, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox and Ernest Borgnine added to the mix, the final product is thick with humor. The chemistry between these experienced thespians is so symbiotic that you can tell they are truly enjoying themselves with the script.

While the dialogue is great, parts of the film do tend to drag. Luckily enough, these parts are few and far between and while "RED" won't be the best film on the resumes of any of the cast, it is very enjoyable and worth the price of admission.

4 out of 5 stars.

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