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GovGuam rejects settlement for Maeda suit

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - The Government of Guam has rejected a possible settlement that would finally put an end to a $10 million lawsuit filed by Maeda Pacific Corporation against the Government of Guam and the Guam Housing Corporation.  They allege that the agreement, which would have included both defendants, poses a sole-source procurement conflict because it would award the second phase of the Lada Estates contract to Maeda. 

Maeda Corporation is suing the government over construction costs related to Lada Estates in Dededo. Now it looks like the GHC will go it alone. The board will meet on Thursday to decide whether to approve an agreement that will exclude the Government of Guam, freeing them to take their side of the liability to court.

Judge Steven Unpingco will hold another hearing on October 13 to review the merits of a motion to vacate trail date, and a motion for partial summary judgment.

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