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Suba being paid from chief's salary funds

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Paul Suba is being paid with money allocated for the chief of police's position.  Because there was not a captain's vacancy in the Guam Police Department when Suba was reinstated to the force, his salary had to come from another source.  Department of Administration Human Resources Administrator Cecilia Martinez says the chief's salary is available for the agency's use because Acting Chief Frank Ishizaki is being paid from Guam Homeland Security.

"The department has options to use that funds in lieu of chief of police salary," she told KUAM News.  "They could hire more people probably and use that salary or pay increments and other awards. I don't know; it depends on what the department wants to use that $74,096 during the year but that's been budgeted for them."

Instead, Suba is receiving that pay, but Martinez clarifies that the Acting Services Bureau Chief of GPD's Services Division is only receiving a captain's pay - about $9,000 less than he was making when he was the top brass for the department.

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