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Ishizaki to decline top brass position

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Thanks, but no thanks. That's what Acting Police Chief Frank Ishizaki is saying about keeping his position as top brass.  The acting chief should have left to Hawaii yesterday for a polygraph test, but said he canceled because he had a serious personal matter to attend to. 

Ishizaki says he doesn't believe he can take the polygraph before his 90-day acting appointment expires on the 22nd of this month. He said, "I personally don't see the benefit of going through a potentially contentious confirmation process as I did before, for a position I will hold for only a three month period."  The acting top brass says his position is not funded and the department has no money to pay for the polygraph test.

Ishizaki confirms that his predecessor, Captain Paul Suba, is receiving the police chief's pay because he was reinstated to the department but there was no vacant captain's position for him to return to.  Ishizaki doesn't know who will take over when his appointment expires, saying the decision ultimately rests with the governor.

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