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AG: EPA report "replete with inaccuracies"

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - The Attorney General's Office wanted to clarify a number of issues related to the Ukudu Workforce Village Project, saying a USEPA status report is "replete with inaccuracies".  In a report filed with the District Court, Assistant AG Kathy Fokas stated that the Department of Public Works did not approve a building permit for the Younex project. 

She clarified that DPW only approved the erection of a shell of a building, and that a fee was not waived for the company. 

While there had been some discussion about possibly revoking the permit that was issued to the company on July 12, the AG's Office says it's not necessary.  The federal government had expressed concerns about the issuance of what they thought was a building permit.  They've stated that the construction of the proposed project could reduce water pressure in surrounding communities and impact the quality of waste from the Northern District Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Government of Guam has requested a meeting be held on Friday or next Monday to discuss the response filed with the court.

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