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Soil & Conservation Board has new members

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Newly elected members of the Guam Soil & Conservation Board were sworn-in by Lieutenant Governor Mike Cruz last week at a ceremony at the Fiesta Resort.  The board is comprised of members of the island's farming communities, divided into two districts - north and south. 

With partnerships with the Government of Guam and the USDA, the board's goal is to effectively manage and conserve Guam's natural resources.  Oscar Flores is the incoming chairperson for the Southern District, and told KUAM News, "We have to remember that we're one island. We need to unify everybody as a whole. We all have the same issues. They might have the water lens. We might have the water shed, the rivers and everything. But we all have the same issues."

Flores added the board plans to continue to bring new conservation techniques to the island, and utilize federal funding to grow the island's agricultural industries.

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