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Trusts submit comments on Final EIS

by Lannie Walker

Guam - The Guam Preservation Trust and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have submitted official comments on the Final Environmental Impact Statement to the United States Navy. The 25-page document begins by calling the Final EIS a "legally inadequate document." The trusts state that the selection of Pagat Village as a live firing range is of great concern.

Four pages of the letter are dedicated to detailing the importance of Pagat as a historical site - noting the area has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places for over 36 years. The trusts go on to outline four ways in which they believe the Department of Defense failed to properly discuss alternative sites for a firing range in the document. The trusts further claim that the DoD ignored requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act.

They request the site for a firing range be moved, or, if not, that the DoD treat the Final EIS as a draft or be prepared a new draft to include alternate sites for a firing range. A third request by the trusts is that the Navy provide a supplemental environmental impact statement before the issuance of a Record of Decision.

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