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New law impacts two-year GEPB members

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Reacting to the new law that gives the governor the authority to appoint three members to the Guam Education Policy Board, GEPB chairperson Ron Ayuyu says the policy gives the Board governing authority to oversee all federal and operational funds as well as personnel. However, he says it also means that the board members that are under a two-year term will have to vacate their seats and wait for the next election in 2012.

He adds that the details of the new law are still being worked out with the GEPB's legal counsel. The board members whose two-year terms end this year are Mary Gutierrez, Evangeline Cepeda and Anita Manibusan.  "It's good working with them, but what can we do when the law changes?  We just have to comply with the law and this law now gives us some authority in financial issues, too," he said.

Despite the new law, Guam Election Commission Executive Director John Blas says they will still have an election this year as planned for the GEPB.  He adds that the GEC legal counsel is also reviewing the new law to determine if the education board election should be omitted.

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