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Gutierrez speaks at Okkodo High

by Janjeera Hail

Guam - Carl Gutierrez reached out to future voters today, speaking before a crowd of students at Okkodo High School this morning in Dededo.  The former governor highlighted the accomplishments during his years in office, a period many of the audience are probably too young to remember.

But this year's Democratic gubernatorial candidate also discussed what he hopes to accomplish in the future, especially related to the military buildup and the opportunities it will provide for the students, many of whom will be entering the workforce during the next term. 

Okkodo High Junior Class President Jeremy DeNusta said he was impressed with Gutierrez's speech, telling KUAM News, "He has experience and he believes with him as governor he would be able to be the voice and the face of the people of Guam and stick up for us. He did mention about the military buildup and maybe how to mitigate the problems, and I did find it very convincing."

DeNusta added, however, that he'll wait until he hears from the other candidates before deciding who to back.

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