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Suba to return as GPD bureau chief

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Officially back on the job as a captain for a little over one month, Paul Suba will officially be assigned as the head of one of the Guam Police Department's three divisions, in charge of the Administration and Services Bureau.  Acting Chief of Police Frank Ishizaki, like the Camacho-Cruz Administration, has continued to stand behind the former chief despite some of the actions he's done in the past for example disobeying department protocol by chasing down a suspect in an unmarked police vehicle.

Suba was also chief when a search warrant was executed the KUAM Studios in Harmon to search for a document.  Lieutenant Governor Mike Cruz said he would have fired Suba if he didn't retire; but because Suba didn't retire he was cleared to come back to GPD, and come next week will oversee the administrative and services division of the department.

Ishizaki said, "We struggle...we've made a lot of progress and we look forward to making sure that our people our residents have confidence in GPD and everyday even though we're short finances and vehicles, you've got a very professional group of employees and Captain Suba is one of them."

According to Ishizaki, the bureau handles all non enforcement and non-investigative parts of the department. He adds Suba will be assigned as the head of the bureau next week.

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