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Youth football jamboree in Mangilao

by Dave Delgado

Guam - The Guam National Youth Football Federation held their jamboree yesterday afternoon at the University of Guam Field in Mangilao with all the teams competing in this year's league in attendance. Last year the GNYFF only had 4 teams; this season the league will be the home to 9 different organizations.

The season kicks-off on Saturday with the Moylan's Hal's Angels taking on the PacSports Yigo Jets, while the GTA TeleGuam Raiders square off against the Gatorade Giants. On Sunday the Raiders Matua boy's will play against the Guam Shipyard Falcons.

GNYFF president Ivan Shiroma said, "This is our first combined football league 2010 jamboree, we are excited and there are a lot of teams out here. We want to thank the parents and especially the sponsors, thanks for all their support and what can I say, this place is packed and the kids are having fun, we are looking forward to an exciting season."

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