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Injured passenger will sue airline

by Nick Delgado

Guam - An early morning flight home from Manila turned into a nightmare for one local family. Tom Tajalle tells KUAM News that his mother hit her head on a cart near the back of an airplane, while the aircraft was experiencing some turbulence. The problem, Tajalle says, is that they had to wait out the remainder of the flight as he was informed that the crew on the Continental Airlines flight was not trained to treat his mother.

He says that upon landing, they had to wait for over one hour as airport firefighters, Continental employees, and U.S. Customs tried to iron out the problem with Guam Fire Department officials. Tajalle says it was only after he stood up arguing about the slow response time is when officials brought his mother a wheelchair and took her to the ambulance. Tajalle says his mother was treated at the Guam Memorial Hospital after suffering fractured ribs and neck pain.

He says she was released this afternoon. While Tajalle says he is working to file a lawsuit against the airlines, Guam International Airport Authority spokesperson Rolenda Faasuamalie said, "This morning's incident is of paramount concern to the Airport Authority, and discussions with the airlines and GFD of all three parties protocols are being scheduled to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness of collective response in these type of situations run smoothly in the future".

Meanwhile, Continental is also preparing a response to the incident.

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