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GW principal: block schedule better for kids

by Michele Catahay

Guam - While there have been concerns regarding George Washington High School's change from a traditional schedule to block scheduling this school year, Principal Begona Flores says the new schedule will be good for students. Last week the Department of Education's Central Office received numerous complaints about the decision for the administration to implement this new schedule.

"For some, I believe it's all about planning and the amount of time for instructional delivery but the benefits of block schedules most certainly outweigh the benefits of a traditional bell schedule. In a block, students and teachers both spend more time with each other in the classroom. Science teachers would have more time to do labs, you know? The question gets asked 'Why this and why not that?', even students would say they didn't have enough time, for example, for art class," she explained.

Some teachers at the Mangilao campus raised red flags over a school board policy that states a majority of the teachers assigned to the school may vote to modify instructional time for innovative scheduling. They say they weren't notified of the change.

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