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Inmate's wife cries foul against DepCor

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Just this past Thursday we heard from a couple of inmates that defended all allegations made against the Department of Corrections and what goes on behind bars. But at least one of the wives of another inmate is speaking out saying they are confident the system is corrupt.  

The wife of an inmate that has been on lock down in the Maximum Security Unit is crying foul when it comes to the poor treatment of those inside the facility. KUAM News spoke with several inmates this past week who are on the Inmate Advisory Committee, and who said they are not aware of any allegations made against the department.

The wife (who spoke with KUAM News on the condition of anonymity) said, "They only chose those guys again, what about someone that really wants to speak up about what's really going on in there and not going to cover it up to brown nose the warden or the director.  It's really sad. Because we know what's going to happen to us already, the repercussions either going to fall on us during visitation or when we do incoming on Thursdays and we get belittled by the officer in charge during visitations, I left there twice crying because the OIC belittled me in front of a room full of people."

However, she feels that not only is the committee illegal, but contends that the proper steps were not taken to select the current members.  "They're all in there for murder," she explained. "My husband's in there for armed robbery and he's been in Post 6 for the longest, for almost 11 years. Where is the fairness when they are all supposed to be treated equally and fairly?"

The complaints seem to surround a death threat letter and a murder that happened at the Minimum Security Unit, both this year alone. The inmates wife like many continue to raise the question of privileges and why it's taking longer for them to be reinstated for the death threat incident, when privileges for the inmates in the area of the murder have since been restored.  "Previously what the director has said from the death threat letter is they're sure as sure can be, they know who the two inmates are and they can't prosecute without indulging the name of the informant," the spouse continued.

"So if they know who it is, then why have they been on lockdown for this long?"  she added, "There is no visitation ready - we're suppose to wait until next week and then on top of that come to find out that we're only going to be allowed one day out of the month for only one hour."

Meanwhile, she says she can now only wait and wonder when the Department of Corrections will stop playing favorites and when she can actually get the chance to see her husband's face again.  

In reaction to this story, DepCor Director J.B. Palacios says inmates have to earn their privileges, which come gradually. He also said, "First, it's the inmates they claim that are being abused and after proving it's an outright lie, now they are claiming they are being abused.  And if that's true, then why hasn't any of the inmates attorney's mentioned it?"

Palacios adds that these complaints are only coming from the wives of inmates who think DepCor is operating a hotel, rather than a prison.

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