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Activist Strong denied access to DOC tour

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - Designated as Senator Rory Respicio's representative to attend this morning's tour of the Department of Corrections as part of Corrections Week activities, activist Dr. Dianne Strong was denied access.  She had led a peaceful protest at the Guam Legislature last month in which she read a letter of concern and resolution before lawmakers, alleging the rights of DOC inmates have been grossly violated and that their treatment within the Adult Correctional Facility is nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment.

Director J.B. Palacios said the allegations were false; likewise his brother Senator Adolpho Palacios, who has oversight over DOC, said the group should have brought their concerns to the District Court because of the agency's consent decree.  He also said he wouldn't be holding an oversight hearing as requested by strong.  J.B. Palacios denied strong access because he says the tour was by invitation only.

Senator Respicio said he was very sad to hear that strong was denied access, adding "I am very disappointed in DepCor and makes me wonder about their pledge to transparency and openness."  Meanwhile, those who were invited and allowed access were senators, mayors, Air Force personnel, court marshals along with other law enforcement personnel and officials from the General Services Agency.

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