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GW considering block schedule for 2011

by Michele Catahay

Guam - George Washington High School may consider implementing a block schedule this coming school year. Assistant Principal for Curriculum Sophia Duenas says the school has been discussing the option for the last couple of years. She says this new schedule would provide students with more instructional time in the classroom.

She hopes students' test scores will go up as a result of the change.  "That's the route we want to take," Duenas told KUAM News.  "We've been talking to the teachers about if for two years already and we had a visit with the WASC accreditation team. They did ask us in 2009 when they visited what it was that we did in 2007 that made students score improved or gain in our SAT-10 scores."

GW implemented a hybrid block schedule back in 2006, but the school went back to the traditional one. Duenas says GW happens to be the only school that wasn't on a block-schedule. Classes could go from 50 minutes per period to about a hundred per class. Duenas says the block schedule is still being looked into.

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