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Barrigada gridlock stalls emergency vehicles

by Nick Delgado

Guam - You may have noticed the traffic delays on the tri-intersection of Route 16 in Barrigada for the past few weeks. The delays have raised a major concern for emergency responders, as the delays pose a threat to residents in need of urgent medical care.

Department of Public Works Director Andy Leon Guerrero says they are well aware of the concerns and will be hosting weekly meetings with emergency officials to resolve the issue, telling KUAM News, "We're going to take it to the table, we are going to work on it and address them make sure that we can find a better traffic plan then the one that's being utilized right now and we're going to do this about every week."

While motorists are urged to take alternate routes, Leon Guerrero says they will continue to have these meetings to prevent a life from being lost.

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