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Restraining order filed to block land swap

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Hoping to stop the Ancestral Lands Commission from effectuating a land swap law that gives Tiyan landowners property at the old FAA site and Marbo area, Attorney Curtis Van De Veld filed a temporary restraining order with the District Court today. Van De Veld represents several clients who are suing the government and the Ancestral Lands Commission claiming Public Law 30-158 violates their civil rights and should be declared inorganic and illegal. 

Van De Veld says the TRO is consistent with Governor Felix Camacho's September 2009 letter to lawmakers reminding them that legal repercussions would likely follow if private property is transferred.  "We are going to ask the District Court to issue a TRO, which prevents that from occurring. By filing the lis pendens that was filed with the original complaint we are able to prevent the transfer from being complete if we ultimately prevail upon on the lawsuit," he explained.

KUAM News spoke with Benny Crawford, spokesperson for the Tiyan landowners today via telephone. He says the group is not worried about the lawsuit, adding that the legal action "won't effect us" and said the effort appears that they are "grasping for straws".

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