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"The Beast" squares off with Ronnie Borja

by Dave Delgado

Guam - Rob "The Beast" Washington is back home and fresh off a win in Singapore after fighting in Martial Combat 6. The fight event is owned by ESPN and will be shown in millions of households across Asia. The Beast will take on Ronnie Borja in PXC 20 set for this Saturday at the UOG Field House. Borja fought against Rob's training partner A.J Aguon in PXC 18 in one of the most exciting fights in PXC. Rob is confident that his recent fights have upped his game and has made him a stronger fighter.

"I know Ronnie Borja is a very game opponent, he comes to fight and he comes to throw punches. I don't think he will be a pushover, but I train hard and I just came off a win so I'm real confident and I'm real eager to get this victory," said Washington.

Rob is a very strong wrestler who can take the fight to the ground at will and do damage with the ground and pound. Washington says the gas is good and that he can go the distance if he has to but can also end the fight quick if Ronnie doesn't keep his hands up. Overall it's the experience in the cage that has Rob confident heading into Saturday's fight.

He continued, "The experience, the cage, he doesn't have the cage experience. His ground game seems all right and I know he's not a really good wrestler. I think I am a better striker than him and I think that I'm stronger than him in punches, I haven't really shown my striking yet and I know I have better striking than him. The holes in his game is his wrestling it's not tip top and I think I'm better than him on the ground and striking so I think I'm just a better all round than him."

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