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Chiguian massacre victims remembered

by Lannie Walker

Guam - With Liberation Day less than a week away, the Mayor's Council of Guam held a ceremony to honor those who died during World War II.  A memorial service at the Chiguian Massacre site in Yigo commemorated where one month after Guam was liberated by U.S. Marines the decapitated bodies of 45 young men where found.

In 2005 students of professor Peter Onedera from the University of Guam turned over information they had collected on the site and the mayor of Yigo declared it memorial site.  "They were all found in this particular area there was a group of six, of thirteen, a group of 26 - it's not known whether they died at different times of different phases or what they had been tortured or what had gone through.  This is one of those lesser known massacre site that didn't surface for years later," he explained.

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