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Thousands of spiders found on visiting ship

by Nick Delgado

Guam - It was a creepy situation at the Port Authority of Guam this week, after thousands of spiders were found on a ship. Port Spokesperson Bernadette Meno says the M.V. Altavia, whose last port of call was Korea, arrived on Guam late Wednesday evening carrying housing units and accessories intended for the Ukudu Workforce Village project in Dededo.

Meno said that upon unlocking the cargo on the ship, they discovered hundreds of large spiders and thousands of small spiders.  Port Police and Guam Customs were immediately notified and the cargo was ordered back on the ship. The harbormaster had the ship moved out to the quarantine anchorage area in Outer Apra Harbor.

While the Port awaits Customs to allow the vessel back to the docks, officials have sent samples of the spiders to the Department of Agriculture to be examined.

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