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Only 1 testifies against medicinal marijuana

by Nick Delgado

Guam - The Compassionate Health Care Act of 2010 went up for a public hearing today.   Bill 423 would legalize the use of medicinal marijuana, as well as create "cannabis care centers" to provide the drug.

However, only one person testified today against the measure. Employers Council Executive Director Andrew Andrus said, "Guam's 30th Legislature may count us among the resolute opposition to this law. The bill as written is impressive; its mere volume is overwhelming and stacked with a multitude of statistics, opinion and sources of apparent authorities to support a foothold to the use of a drug that has long been considered a detriment to work place safety and society in general."

Luis Villagomez also signed up to testify in support of the measure and said legalizing the drug for medicinal use would free him from taking the dozens of medications he has been forced to take for the past two decades.  "Vietnam vets, they all in pain [sic] and they're tired, if we're going to die the right way, let's do it the right way. Lets get high and die high, not from Percocet and morphine, there's no ending for this."

Villagomez added, "I would like everybody to get involved with this that needs medical marijuana and lets get it on, don't just sit down there and die in pain."

Another public hearing on Bill 423 is scheduled for July 22 at 5pm at the Legislature.

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