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Mead pleased with probe into GFT's legitimacy

by Michele Catahay

Guam - Guam Community College assistant professor and Guam Federation of Teachers member Barry Mead says he's elated with news that Acting Governor Mike Cruz has asked Attorney General John Weisenberger for assistance in helping to validate the legitimacy of the union's present leadership.  Members of the GFT have voiced concerns about the union's leadership under president Matt Rector.

"I would be optimistic to assume that since their legal counsel and they're still forwarding it to the attorney general, that they actually believe there is some validity to the things that we are saying. It's not a matter of validity but a matter of public law," said Mead.  He added that Guam law states that no elected officers of the Government of Guam should participate in negotiations of contracts for one year after he or she has left office. He claims there is a conflict of interest because rector signs off of union contracts for GovGuam agencies.

Mead has asked the GFT executive council to seize and desist, or he will take the matter to court.  "On the 26th, we're looking at filing a judgment in court, should the AG's ruling be what we hope it is. We probably wouldn't have to go to court because the attorney general may say that, 'Yes, that this person is invalid in this position'."

In the meantime, an executive council meeting has been scheduled...which Mead expects to be cancelled, since most of the at-large officers are attending the American Federation of Teachers convention in Washington.

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