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Judge says Kings can serve school meals

by Nick Delgado

Guam - Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo has ruled in favor of Kings Restaurant to serve breakfast and lunch in the island's public schools. The award was continuously delayed after Sodexo protested the selection of Kings last year, which the company lost.

The Attorney General's Office in turn recommended the entire contract should be rebid, King's however argued the AG doesn't have the discretion to rebid a contract. Department of Education Legal Counsel Fred Nishihara says they may have to start the bid from scratch, as the matter still sits with the AG's Office.

He said, "In preparation in case the AG does appeal the case, we also have in works that we already sent for their approval a bid for possibly bidding out the whole food services again."

Nishihara says if the AG's Office does not file an appeal, then Kings will be awarded to take over the school lunch program for one year.

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