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GFT's Mead prepared to go to court

by Nick Delgado

Guam - GCC assistant professor Barry Mead says he will take his concerns to court if the Guam Federation of Teachers' Executive Council does not order that all contract negotiations with the Government of Guam cease and desist.  Mead is also urging the council to immediately suspend GFT president Matt Rector.

Mead cites public law that states a territorial agency shall not enter into a contract with any person or business represented by a person who has been a GovGuam elected officer within the preceding 12 months in a matter that the contract is directly concerned. Mead argues that rector resigned from his position in the Guam Legislature, where he was the labor chair, then allegedly engaged in negotiations with the Port, DPW, GMH, GFD, and GWA.

He also cited another public law that he says now prohibits Rector from participating in the management of GFT or even act as an organization representative. Mead also sent his concern to the Governor's Office and the attorney general, as he has requested for a response to the matter by mid-July.

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