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Mayors square away Liberation Parade

by Lannie Walker

Guam - The Mayor's Council of Guam met today and the upcoming Liberation Day Parade was on the agenda. Chalan Pago Mayor Jesse Gogue is the chairperson for the Parade Committee, and says preparations have been underway for the last couple of months.

This year's parade theme is "We Are Guam, Honoring Our Heroes." Gogue say as of today he has about ten floats lined up, telling KUAM News, "And that's about half of what we normally would have in the parade on of the challenges this year, especially with the parade is getting trailers that are needed to built the float then haul the float in the parade."

While Mayor Gogue works to make sure the Liberation Day parade is a success, MCOG Executive Director Angel Sablan says the Liberation Day Carnival already is. Today he presented a $50,000 check to the council in initial profits.

He says the Carnival is expected to turn a healthy profit despite the fact no alcohol was sold during the annual event.

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