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Disappointment for the Democrats

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Two potential Decision 2010 candidates who had picked up packets to make a bid for Adelup expressed their disappointment with the Democratic Party.  During a late afternoon press conference Amanda Santos, mother of the late senator Angel Santos, announced that she and Dr. Vince Akimoto are not ready to run for governor and lieutenant governor at this time.

She said, saying they had hoped their party could have banned together for a second Democratic gubernatorial team.  "The Democrats should have got someone else to challenge the other Democratic governor, because we are fed up with this corruption going on.  We need to have Guam corruption-free and to be honest in the government because I feel there's no trust, honesty and integrity and accountability in the government."

Santos say she doesn't know who she will encourage Hita and others in the grassroots movement to support in the primary.  But Akimoto, who says he will not be running for senator either, says he will not support the Carl Gutierrez-Frank Aguon team.  "As we look around the park today it's empty. It feels as though that symbolic of the Democratic Party or at least the part of the Democrat Party that represents the people of Guam, represents issues of Guam," he stated.

"We've got a lot of important indigenous rights issues that need representation and the time is passing before we turn into a community that doesn't recognize its own," added the local physician.

The duo had also hoped Attorney Mike Phillips would have thrown his hat in the ring. Santos and Akimoto meanwhile say they may try to run for Adelup in 2014.

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