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Navy firefighters helping keep kids safe

by Danielle Quenga, for KUAM News

Guam - The Naval Base Fire and Emergency Services are more than happy to share their knowledge on how to prevent and handle fire situations. Besides keeping lighters and matches away from children there are many other ways to help teach kids about fire safety.

The members of the group are trying to help the public learn about fire safety and how to handle fire situations in their home, work place, and in school. Fire Inspector Steve San Nicolas showed demonstrations through a fire house safety trailer, saying, "It will prevent fires everywhere - at work and at home. It also teaches the kids at school. It is important to teach the kids because it can happen anywhere."

The safety trailer is used to imitate a home setting with a kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  "We also have a bedroom, which simulates a heated door, so if kids were in the room at night sleeping and they smelled smoke; before they exit the room it would be a good idea to feel the door for heat," said San Nicolas. "If there is heat a second means of evacuation will be called for."

Through the fire safety trailer kids are taught how to evacuate a burning home, to crawl on the ground when smoke is in a room, and how to spot fire hazards the fire trailer also contains a sprinkler system.  "In this scenario we see how effective sprinklers are when putting out a fire. Although officials say they are not necessary, they are recommended," he explained.

San Nicolas also highlighted various techniques for fire safety and encourages the public to practice them or to create a plan encase situations like these arise.  "Most important thing to remember when evacuating a building or a house is to have a meeting place to meet with you parents or with whoever is in charge to get accountability so firefighters when they arrive on the scene would know if there is anybody left in building."

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