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Cerila Rapadas leaving Catholic Social Services

by Danielle Quenga, for KUAM News

Guam - After dedicating her life to government service and then decades with Catholic Social Services, helping those in need, Cerila Rapadas will be taking a well deserved vacation.   A wife, mother, and service provider to the people of Guam for more than 30 years, Rapadas is now ready to take her shoes off and plan for her departure from CSS.

After working as an administrator for the Government of Guam for three decades she thought she was ready for an early retirement, but Rapadas says another man thought differently.  "Monsignor David was waiting for me to retire, so I went right into CSS," she said.  "I guess the Holy Spirit guided him to me or he looked at me and said, 'I think I want that person.'"

Working hard everyday and trying to do her best is what motivated Rapadas to work all these years. When asked who will be the one to fill her shoes after her retirement she states that it is up to the board to decided who will be replacing her.  "There are quite a few people who are qualified for the position. This is not an exclusive position, so there are people who are qualified. All you need is a good heart and the wanting to serve the people," she said.

She also says the Archbishop will play a role in selecting her successor.  "After more than 30 years of service with Catholic Social Services, Rapadas says she is now ready for her long awaited vacation," she noted, adding, "I don't have any specific plans. A lot of my grandchildren are growing up and are in college and now I will be able to go to their graduations. Education in my family has been one of the guiding forces."

While Rapadas is not expected to take her retirement until the end of July, she also believes that the organization will be left in good hands.  "Keep up the good work and keep following what we are set out to do, which is the Lord's work," she said with a smile.

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