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Final environmental impact statement coming

by Lannie Walker

Guam - Guam senators as well as local media were given a briefing on the final environmental impact statement.  Information on what would be included in the final product was not revealed - instead Randy Sablan, Assistant Director of Environment for the Joint Guam Program Office, outlined the next steps in drafting the FEIS.   

Sablan says a team of Department of Defense stakeholders, experts, and contractors met in Honolulu from June 14-18 to review all the over 10,000 comments received on the Draft EIS.  "We went through all the work in taking the document from a draft to a preliminary final," he explained.

That process will take place from June 21 through July 2.  The final document will be available the last week of July.  A 30-day wait period will follow, lasting until the final week of August.

In early September, a record of decision or rod will be released.  Director of JGPO John Jackson, "The ROD specifies what actions what alternative will be mitigations and basically outlines the decisions."

Sablan also reveals examples of construction projects he say are teed up to fiscal year 2010, noting, "There is probably about $900 million+ of projects.

Sablan says the public can expect the final environmental impact study to vary greatly from the draft, noting, "It reads better we expounded on some issue we clarified; we've done additional studies and analysis and that will be in the document."

As far as when the buildup will begin, he says that has not changed.  The start, according to JGPO, is still set for 2014.

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