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Acting chief confirms: "transfers remain intact"

by Mindy Aguon

Guam - Adelup is confirming that transfers that were ordered today by Acting Police Chief Ricardo Leon Guerrero will remain intact.  As KUAM News first reported, the acting chief issued transfer orders earlier in the day. The 19 transfers included Captain Kim Santos and Lieutenant Joe Carbullido, who were running the agency's Criminal Investigation Division.  

Acting Chief Leon Guerrero said the transfers were inline with his plans to move staff where he felt they were needed.  Just after 6pm KUAM News confirmed with Guam Police Department Spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia that the transfers were rescinded for unknown reasons.  KUAM News also learned that certain GPD officials met with officials at Adelup, asking for the transfers to be rescinded.  

Lieutenant Governor Mike Cruz's chief of staff, Carlotta Leon Guerrero, says Cruz (currently the island's acting governor with Governor Felix Camacho in the mainland) did not meet with any GPD officers this afternoon. Leon Guerrero added that that she spoke with the acting chief Wednesday evening around 7:30 and he confirmed that the transfers will not be rescinded and will stand as issued earlier today. 

Leon Guerrero says the Acting Governor was not aware that certain GPD officers went to Adelup asking for the transfers to be called off.

On Monday Acting Governor Cruz appointed Leon Guerrero to lead the police department, as Paul Suba retired as police chief. Cruz said he would have fired Suba if he didn't retire after he questioned his leadership at GPD following the execution of a search warrant at the KUAM Studios in Harmon a week ago. Cruz said he had confidence in Leon Guerrero to lead the men and women on the force.

GPD officials have not provided any statement on why the transfers were rescinded and then issued again.

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