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Mayors laugh off fisticuffs incident

by Lannie Walker

Guam - A physical altercation between two island mayors made for one of the most-watched videos on and spread virally on Facebook in the last 24 hours.  During yesterday's mayor's budget hearing at the Legislature, Piti Mayor Vicente "Ben" Gumataotao became startled when Mangilao mayor Nito Blas came and tapped his stomach.  (Blas says it was his way of greeting his colleague.) 

Mayor Gumataotao, however, stood up and punched Blas.  The two have since made up and can laugh about the misunderstanding.  "I was sitting at table, concentrating on budget," recalled Gumataotao, "and lo and behold to my surprise, Mayor Blas came over and 'smack'!"

Blas says from his vantage point, "He stood up and went over and I thought he was gonna shake my hand, and he start hitting me...bang, bang and that was it!"  Gumataotao said, "I hit him twice fast, I didn't even know 'cause I'm a fast individual to begin with."  And Blas laughingly said of his colleague's haymaker, "He hit my head and eye, but it don't hurt me [sic]."

"But after lunch, I ate a late lunch, I was full," Blas continued.  "I just pat him on side, I didn't know it was that sensitive."

When asked what they wished to say to each other after a very public - and hilariously shocking incident captured for public discussion - they responded with wit, showing water's firmly under the bridge.  "Everything's fine," noted Gumataotao," with Blas adding, "I love you, man".

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