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Suba meets with Palacios in private

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by Mindy Aguon

Guam - While an oversight hearing has been called to clear-up issues surrounding the ongoing police investigation and the search warrant that was conducted at the KUAM Studios in Harmon, Chief of the Guam Police Department Paul Suba sought an urgent closed-door meeting with his oversight chair, Senator Adolpho Palacios (D), this afternoon. After 45 minutes, Suba exited the senator's office with the GPD's legal counsel, Jim Mitchell. 

When asked for an interview, Mitchell told KUAM's Nick Delgado, "Not with KUAM. You're my adversary, remember?"  "Have a good day," was his response. 

"I recommend that he doesn't speak to he doesn't speak to you, Mitchell said of his client, although Suba did comment, "It's a great, great police department".  

Mitchell added, "You know what? Why we would we want to cooperate with you when you just dragging us through the mud? There's no way we want to cooperate with you at this point when you've litigated against us."

Suba concluded by saying, "I'm gonna listen to Jim; other than that, it's a great police department."

While Suba wouldn't comment about his requested meeting with his oversight chair, Senator Palacios says the top brass wanted to explain himself. The Democrat lawmaker is hoping to get to the bottom of things during the hearing saying he told Suba to use the oversight as an opportunity to provide information and an explanation.

"He said something to the effect that 'I wish be allowed to see this through', and whatever is the judgment from the court with respect to this civil suit that if indeed in the end that the court found him culpable in some way, that he'll either retire, he's eligible to retire, then I'll retire, which essentially means resignation but he would retire. That's what he said," Palacios confirmed.

He also added of GPD executing their search warrant at KUAM on May 12, "To me, the search is okay. What did they tell the judge?  I don't know, that's her concern."

The oversight hearing is scheduled for next week Monday.

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