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Calvo/Tenorio team detail "Guamanian Dream"

by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - The Guam Community College on Wednesday night held a Meet the Candidates forum, providing students and faculty the opportunity to learn more about the two gubernatorial teams that have thus far declared their candidacy.  Last night the Republican team of Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio spoke with the students on their vision for the island.

Senator Tenorio said, "Ladies and gentlemen the Guamaian Dream is about building the possibilities of things that you've only thought about but only dreamt of in a way that can be tangible dreams can come true," with Calvo saying, "This generation is probably one of the most informed intelligent, and I would say THE generation with the most potential to take our island to its greatest heights.  And that's why I'm so confident of the future of Guam."

The only other gubernatorial team that has officially declared their candidacy is the democrat duo of former Governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon, Jr.  They are scheduled to appear before GCC students on Monday, May 3.

KUAM recorded last night's forum and likewise will record Monday's event; both will be broadcast in their entirety on MCV Local 2 at the following times:

Monday, May 3 @ 9pm - Calvo Tenorio
Tuesday, May 4 @ 9pm - Gutierrez Aguon
Wednesday, May 5 @ 9pm - Calvo Tenorio
Thursday, May 6 @ 9pm - Calvo Tenorio
Friday, May h @ 9pm - Gutierrez Aguon
Saturday, May 8 @ 7pm - Gutierrez Aguon
Sunday, May 9 @ 7pm- Calvo Tenorio/8:30pm - Gutierrez Aguon
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