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Loved ones grieve missing spearfishermen

by Nick Delgado

Guam - R​escue officials spent the day conducting a search-&-recovery mission along the waters in Ipan, Talofofo today. They were looking for the bodies of the two divers that went spearfishing late yesterday evening and never returned to shore.

Family and friends of Henry Lowary and Paul Monkeyan eyed the glassy waters in Ipan behind Jeff's Pirates Cove, hoping for a miracle. The two went fishing late last night, as Guam Fire Department Spokesperson Joey San Nicolas says they received the emergency call around 11pm that three divers went missing.  "We have three spearfishermen that were out there free diving and didn't come back to shore; well, one made it back to shore and two didn't," he said.

Jeff's Pirate's Cove owner Jeff Pleadwell says he recalls seeing the men with their flashlights last night. And he says what just seemed like moments later, he heard emergency units heading toward the area. Pleadwell says unfortunately these types of incidents happen to often behind his business, adding, "This area is deceiving because you might look at the waters on the shore and it doesn't look that bad, but as the tides change and as big waves come over the reef it's a totally different scene out there."

Rescue officials today combed the area with their jetski's while others dived to look for the bodies under water. The U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy's HSC-25 helicopter squadron was also called in to assist. Petty Officer Christopher Awe told KUAM News, "We just keep putting out patterns and trying to search all the areas with the drift and coordinate with Guam Fire and Guam Police to make sure that we're covering all the areas that we need to.  And hopefully, we can find these guys."

Late Thursday morning, authorities re-classified the mission as a search-&-recovery, which means there's no chance of survival for the two divers, family and friends like Elsie Pangelinan and Dulen Lowary walked the beach, shocked at their loss.

Pangelinan said, "They work the Flores farmers from Talofofo; they're good guys, they're hard working guys and all they do is they work on the farm and they go out to the beach and kick-back.  And Dulen said of his cousin, "I want those guys to help me to bring them back. They died already, but I want to see them before they leave me. We stay together in Talofofo, they always help me at the farm.  No problem to us, because only us Kosraens stay in Talofofo. And we always help each other.  That's why I want to see them again."

Both Lowary and Monkeyan were in their early 30's.

While the pair's death marks the latest drowning death for 2010, Guam Fire officials remind resident going to the beach to take the necessary precautions, as they say Guam's waters are treacherous.

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